Instructions for Preparing Papers and Posters
Oral Presentations

Long talks are allotted 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Short talks are allotted 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Please ensure that your presentation does not exceed the allotted length.

Please bring your PowerPoint presentation file with you on a CD or USB memory stick and submit presentation material to the operator in session room at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the session. The operator will load the presentation files to the notebook PC.

Each session room will be equipped with the following equipment.
- Laptop computer running MS-Office PowerPoint 2007 operated in Windows XP, equipped with compact disk reader(CD & DVD) and USB drive
- One switcher with four RGB inputs
- One smart pointer and mouse
- One bean projector (RGB Port) *** exect Tutorials and Workshops
- One Screen

The standard electricity supply is 220-volts AC at 60Hz.

To avoid frequently occurring technical problems in the presentation, it is discouraged to bring your own computer (especially Macintosh laptop) unless your presentation requires it for special software and/or hardware. If it is unavoidable to use your own laptop, you should bring all the necessary adaptors which are compatible with our beam projector (RGB port).

Poster Presentations
Main conference and workshop posters should be no larger than 33 inches wide and 47 inches high. The conference will provide self-standing poster board, pushpins, clips, double-sided tape, etc. for mounting.
ACL 2012  Style Files
LatexMS Word
acl2012.tex acl2012.doc
acl2012.pdf acl2012.pdf
  • NOTE: Style files have changed from original call for papers
ACL 2012 Copyright Transfer Form
ACL2012.copyright.pdf ACLl2012.copyright.doc
Instructions for Camera-Ready Copy
The camera-ready copy of the accepted paper should follow the requirements in the above style file. These instructions are for authors of papers accepted by the main conference and workshops as oral or poster papers. Some general guidelines and a quick check list for publication requirements that conform to the specifications are provided here. Camera-ready copies that fail to meet these instructions may be returned for re-submission. For details please refer to the above style file.
General Guidelines

Long papers may consist of up to 8 pages of content and an unlimited number of reference pages, and short papers may consist of up to 4 pages of content and an unlimited number of reference pages.
Those papers that had software and/or dataset submitted for the review process, should also submit it with the camera-ready. Besides, the software and dataset should not be anonymous, and their size should not exceed 10MB.
Both long and short paper submissions should follow the two-column format of ACL 2012 proceedings.
We strongly recommend the use of ACL LaTeX style files or Microsoft Word Style files tailored for this year's conference.
All submissions must conform to the official ACL 2012 style guidelines and they must be electronic in PDF.
It is very important to specify US Letter paper size. The page limit has to be strictly observed. DO NOT include page numbers. They will be generated when compiling the proceedings. All camera-ready manuscripts should look like the sample PDF file, which also contains detailed formatting requirements.

General Guidelines
Camera-Ready Deadline for Long Papers : April 30, 2012 (11:59pm,PST)
Camera-Ready Deadline for Short Papers : May 7, 2012 (11:59pm, PST)
Quick Check List for Camera-Ready Papers

Here is a list of the most important stylistic features to be checked before you submit your final camera-ready copy.
Failing to observe these instructions may result in re-submission. Remember to sign the copyright transfer agreement electronically or physically as well.

  1. 1. Paper format: PDF.
  2. 2. Non-English characters: embed all fonts when generating the PDF file.
  3. 3. Paper size: US Letter (8.5 x 11.0 inches).
  4. 4. Title
    1. • Length: DO NOT exceed the left & right margins. Fold a long title into multiple lines if necessary.
  5. 5. Names of Authors:
    2. • Order: First Name First
    3. • Consistency: Same as registered to the submission page; same spelling style in all accepted papers to avoid generating multiple author index entries for authors with more than one accepted paper
  6. 6. Page numbers and running headers: DO NOT supply.
  7. 7. Non-English terms: supply transliteration or translation or both as appropriate as possible.
  8. 8. Font sizes, types, styles and line spacing: as specified in style file.
  9. 9. Tables, Figures, Equations, Images: make small details clearly visible and add captions to each.
  10. 10. References: sort in ascending order of family name of first authors and do not miss required information.
  11. 11. Grammar: check common spelling and grammatical mistakes carefully.
Please see the style file for other details.
Where do I send my final camera-ready paper?

You may upload your paper via the START Conference Manager:
Long papers:
Short papers:
Please double check that all meta-data (author names, affiliations, paper title, etc) are entered into the system correctly and exactly as they appear on the paper, especially if they contain non-ASCII characters.

How should the final copy differ from the original submission?

The paper should be improved to address the comments of the reviewers, and in any other way that you see fit. The final version should, of course, not be anonymous:

  • Include the authors' names and affiliations under the title
  • De-anonymize references to your own work
  • Add acknowledgments where appropriate
How long can it be?
Long papers may consist of up to 8 pages of content and an unlimited number of reference pages, and short papers may consist of up to 4 pages of content and an unlimited number of reference pages.
What is the format for the camera-ready copy?

The file must be in Portable Document Format (PDF) on US Letter paper (8.5 x 11 inches).

How do I ensure that my file is correctly formatted?

Please check the paper size by viewing your document in Acrobat Reader. The bottom of the window should show the size as "8.5 x 11 in" or "US Letter".
If your paper uses Asian fonts, please ensure that they are encoded/embedded in the PDF file so that they can be displayed by non-Asian versions of the PDF reader. (Asian versions ship with a larger set of default fonts.) See Adobe's discussion of this issue, which unfortunately does not discuss LaTeX. Suggested diagnostics and solutions are welcomed.

How about copyright?

When you submit the paper, you will be asked to sign electronically (via the START Conference Manager) or physically the ACL Copyright Transfer Agreement on behalf of all authors.
Before signing this form, please confirm with your co-authors (and, if applicable, your and their employers) that they authorize you to sign on their behalf.

What is the official publication date?

Please note that the publications of ACL 2012 will be publicly available at ACL Anthology ( on July 2nd, 2012, one week before the start of the conference. Since some of the authors may have plans to file patents related to their papers in the conference, we are sending this reminder that July 2nd, 2012 may be considered to be the official publication date, instead of the opening day of the conference.

What if my paper's title or author list has changed?

Then please edit those metadata fields when you upload the camera-ready version, so that they will appear correctly in the table of contents, author index, conference schedule, etc. The program chairs and publication chairs should also be notified of such changes.

My question isn't answered here ...
Please email the publication chairs Maggie Li (cswjli at and Michael White (mwhite at We will update this page as new issues arise.
Original Submission Information
The submission deadline has passed, but the original call for papers instructions can be found here.